Become part of the group that is building the most trusted business services in the UK. 

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Why should your company join the Everybody Smile More Group?

Our group is home to companies that want to be the most trusted brand in their industry.

When you join ESMG, you will:

  • receive governance from our founders, benefitting from their extensive leadership experience
  • gain a support team providing bookkeeping, administrative support, recruitment support and all other back-office support (never worry about payroll again!)
  • benefit from a highly capable and experienced executive assistant for your company's leader
  • receive go-to-market and business development services that benefits from the group's scale and our origins as a marketing consultancy
  • have the opportunity to walk away from your business or join our team of business leaders
    benefit from the expertise of other companies in the group.

What sort of company should join ESMG?

Companies who join the Everybody Smile More Group should be:


Culture & values

Prepared to accept our values of Dependability, Ownership, Accuracy, Clarity & Joy

Prepared to commit to our mission of making Everybody Smile More

At least three clients that you would describe as 'delighted' with your service

Business characteristics

Your business should be breaking even or making a net loss/profit of 5% (we'll make those numbers a lot better!)

Providing services to businesses

A fully UK-based team

Non-competitive with existing companies within ESMG

Industries of particular interest

We are open to enquiries from all industries but, at this time, we are particularly keen to hear from companies in the following spaces:

  • professional/accredited industries: such as law firms and accountancy practices
  • on-site trades services: such as cleaning companies, plumbing firms and decorating companies.

Frequently asked questions

Our next brand

ESMG is actively looking for the third business to join our group.

We're looking for companies who want to build the most trusted business services in the UK.

If you're looking to exit your business, your culture is aligned to our Everybody Smile More mission, but you're not performing at the level you would like, then we want to speak with you.